About Us

Pulaski Electric System (PES) has been responsible for providing safe and reliable electric service for over 100  years. Established in 1891, PES has grown from a community initiative that provided outdoor lighting around Pulaski's historic courthouse square to a full service electric distributor that serves nearly 15,000 customers.  PES's approximately 70 employees are responsible for meeting the needs of Giles County's residents every day.

Launched in 2007, PES now operates Energize, a fiber-to-the-home broadband network that provides an abundance of television channels, incredibly fast high-speed Internet access and full-featured phone service to both residential and business customers.  Related to Energize, PES also operates a state-of-the-art datacenter housed within a storm-proof bunker.  This facility is used by PES and outside businesses to house mission-critical data.

PES is governed by its board of directors, which is appointed by the City of Pulaski's Board of Mayor and  Aldermen.