PES Energize Outage Update

PES Energize experienced a longer than anticipated service
outage due to scheduled work in our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Wednesday, August 23 at 10:45AM PES Energize experienced an
outage which was ultimately determined to be due to the premature failure of
our NOC switch which was to be replaced during a scheduled outage set to take
place from 12:00PM through 4:00AM Thursday, August 24.The switch dropped one
internet port but did not affect all PES Energize customers.

Originally, our internet contractor stated they were
searching for a cut in the fiber between Nashville and Huntsville. Our IT team
waited for that repair to be made. They alerted us two hours later that the
fiber had not been compromised. The team then determined the outage was caused
by the switch. During that time, we experienced intermittent internet service.
That problem was isolated and service was restored around 5:00PM.

At 11:00PM our technicians and contractor began preparations
for the scheduled outage. They took the system down and began replacement and
maintenance. Once service was reinitialized; it was determined that the video
service was running but the internet and phone services were not. Thursday, the
contractor and tech team worked to isolate the root cause of the interruption.
Ultimately, they found there was a configuration issue that had worked properly
for the past ten years that did not work when the new equipment was introduced.
One line of code was determined to be the problem for the internet services. As
customers called in, PES Energize was able to get the service package
reprovisioned and restored.  PES Energize
staff worked throughout the night restoring customers' services.

As of Friday, August 25, our contractors and technicians were
still troubleshooting our phone system in addition to onsite troubleshooting
the customers to get their internet service to full capacity. We were dedicated to
working around the clock until all service was restored.

Again, this longer than anticipated interruption did not
affect every customer with PES Energize service. Unfortunately, it impacted many. PES Energize appreciates all of our customers. We apologize for
the inconvenience this caused and thank all for bearing with us as we worked to get everyone restored.