PES Customers are Targeted by Debit Card Scammers…

A recent scam has surfaced targeting three local business customers of
PES during peak business hours, such as restaurants at lunchtime. The scammers
try to catch employees off guard to gain account information, and to instill
fear that power will be turned off within a very short period of time during
the time these restaurants have the most customers.

Scammers may use email, twitter, phone calls or even door-to-door
visits. Many victims received forwarded emails or text messages from
well-meaning friends and family who were also victimized.

You should always think twice before providing account or personal and
financial information to anyone unless you are positive you know they are
legitimate. Before you do anything, hang up and call PES at 931-363-2522
to ask questions about anyone contacting you about your bill or claiming to be
from the utility.

If you have elderly friends or relatives please check on them, they are
often targets of such schemes. Make sure you or your friends & relatives
aren’t the next victim in this type of fraud.