Warning of New Phone Scam targeting Spanish speaking residents and the elderly.

Spanish-speaking residents and the elderly are being targeted by phone scammers posing as Electric System employees in the Nashville area attempting to solicit payments for false claims.

The Spanish speaking scammers are calling customers to tell them to make a payment or their service will be disconnected.  Customers are instructed to go to Wal-Mart or local store to purchase a prepaid debit card so payment can be made over the phone.  The scammer then calls the customer back to process the payment.

The spammers are "spoofing" local distributor's outage and customer service phone numbers so that customers who have Caller ID will see the number and think the call is legitimate.

These scammers have made false claims including:

• Your meter is not working properly.  You need to pay a fee to have the meter replaced.

• Your home has a short circuit and you will lose power if you don't pay immediately over the phone.

Surrounding utilities received several reports from customers that have been targeted by this scam, PES urges our customers to be leery of anyone posing as a PES employee asking for immediate payment.

PES employees NEVER call customers requesting personal information such as bank account numbers.  Customers who have doubts about the legitimacy of a call should contact PES Customer Service directly at (931) 363-2522, even if the number displayed on their phones is the utility's phone number.